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The quartz crystal, cut and finished in the shape of a tuning fork, is responsible for delivering a intervallic voltage, drawn from its piezoelectric frequency, to the circuit, but how the circuit chooses to use that voltage is a different matter. The load, or drain, on the battery increases with the introduction of mechanical friction. […]

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Useful Facts and Definitions

Amplitude: Maximum displacement of any point from the dead point. Vibration: Maximum displacement to maximum displacement, passing through the dead point. Oscillation: One complete cycle of the escapement (2 vibrations). The name of the rectangular slot in the mainspring (inner end) is the eye or eyelet and the bit attached to the outer end (it […]

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Inventions and Facts

Here are some cool inventions and their inventors for you to remember: In the eighteenth century (around 1702), Nicolas Fatio de Duillier and Pierre and Jacob Debraufre invented jewel bearings and pioneered their use in watches, greatly improving the isochronism and longevity of the movement. Initially, real jewels, such as ruby, garnet and diamond (and […]

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Quartz watches and their forebears

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Quartz Watches and the exactitudes of their functions, let’s cast a look back over a few of those failed antecedents alluded to previously. In the days before the ‘discovery’ of quartz’s useful properties, horologists the world over attempted to harness the powers of electricity in watchmaking. The attraction […]

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WATCH REVIEW: Schofield Signalman DLC

The Signalman DLC is the second watch from Sussex-based brand Schofield. It is identical in design and function to their first timepiece, but coated with DLC, improving hardness, longevity and, in this writer’s opinion, appearance of the inaugural model. Schofield is an English brand, with a proud sense of nationalism woven into the watch’s DNA. […]

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