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Historical time-telling devices

Hour lamp – time is told as the oil burns down. Hour candle – time is told as the wax burns down by way of an hour scale printed on the side of the candle. Sundial – tells solar time. A shadow of the gnomon (pointy-up bit) is cast around a rudimentary clock face, telling […]

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Are oversized watches a good investment or just a passing trend?

Whenever you hear about an old watch fetching hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction, you probably get a pretty consistent image in your mind: a sensibly styled piece of medium proportions, with a simple, uncluttered dial, a leather strap and probably a gold case. Most importantly, the name on the dial would read something […]

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The Gregorian Calendar

We take time for granted all the time. It is there from the moment we are born, to the moment we die. It’s there always. Only, it isn’t really there. We all seem to agree that things progress in a linear fashion, but the question of how to document, compartmentalise and live effectively within that […]

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Is this the best time in history to be a watch enthusiast?

Before electronics burst onto the scene and threatened to derail the watch industry altogether, the choice of quality watches available to the average consumer was vast. In the early 20th century there were countless independent brands, many movement manufacturers and a level of diversity that proved unsustainable during the quartz revolution of the 1970s. We […]

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