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A brief explanation of the bipolar motor

It’s pretty common for people to dismiss the mechanical majesty of Quartz watches due to invisible ‘magic’ that seems to occur in the integrated circuit. Sure, a fully mechanical watch is much more beautiful, and mind-boggling to imagine that horological theory, at one relatively recent point in time, did not even exist. It is hard […]

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Quartz watches and their forebears

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Quartz Watches and the exactitudes of their functions, let’s cast a look back over a few of those failed antecedents alluded to previously. In the days before the ‘discovery’ of quartz’s useful properties, horologists the world over attempted to harness the powers of electricity in watchmaking. The attraction […]

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Why do some quartz watches need the battery changing more frequently than others?

Most quartz watches are powered by a battery that powers an integrated circuit. Imagine the battery is a heart and the circuit is a human body. When the body is standing still it can be said to be doing nothing, but blood still flows from the heart around the circuit. Assuming the body has a […]

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